LRA Benchmark

Multi-dimensional (xyz) BWR Model
Specification: ANL-7416 Benchmark 14
DIF3D Input for LRA Benchmark (for 2D Static Problem)

ANL-7416 Benchmarks

ANL-7416 Benchmark 11 Multi-dimensional (xyz) LWR Model
ANL-7416 Benchmark 13 Neutron Transport in a BWR Rod Bundle
ANL-7416 Benchmark 14 Multi-dimensional (xyz) BWR Model - LRA Benchmark
ANL-7416 Benchmark 15 Neutronic Depletion Benchmark Problem
ANL-7416 Benchmark 19 Two-dimensional PWR-Burnup Problem (with fuel management)

EPRI-9 Benchmark

DIF3D Input for EPRI-9 Benchmark
DIF3D Input for EPRI-9R Benchmark

C5G7 MOX Benchmark

Benchmark on Deterministic Transport Calculations Without Spatial Homogenisation
Specification: NEA/NSC/DOC(2003)16
MCNP input files and multigroup cross section libraries: C5G7 Zip file (246K)
(MCNP input files may not work with new versions of MCNP)

BWR MOX Benchmark

Specification: BWR MOX Benchmark from the NEA/OECD

Watts Bar Full-Core Benchmark

Specification for Watts Bar Unit 1 is part of the CASL Progression Problems.

Other Specifications

Benchmark Problem Suite for Reactor Physics Study of LWR Next Generation Fuels by Yamamoto, Ikehara, Ito, and Saji
ANS Doppler Pincell Benchmark
International Reactor Physics Benchmark Experiments (IRPhE) Project
International Criticality Safety Benchmark Evaluation Project (ICSBEP)
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